Administrators and executives throughout healthcare must derive value and competitive advantage from higher quality care. Isprit translates an organization’s business and clinical goals into an actionable gameplan disseminated to the point of care for maximum impact.

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Clinicians are stretched to the breaking point today – expected to deliver the highest quality care in less time with diminishing resources. Isprit eases this burden with tools that “think” like a physician to provide active support and specialized expertise for complex conditions while maximizing clinicians’ performance and profitability.

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Today’s patients are assuming more responsibility for their own health, but can become overwhelmed by disjointed medical care. Isprit’s tools transform patients from passive participants into active partners in their healthcare by educating and empowering patients to monitor and self-manage their conditions.

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Tomorrow’s clinicians will be expected to assume new responsibilities and practice at a higher level of medicine. Isprit enables students to become immersed in real-world clinical situations within a training environment while gaining familiarity with cloud-based medical tools.

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Isprit® creates interactive software tools that enlighten decision-making within the medical community and empower patients to manage their own health.

Despite unimaginable scientific advances, millions continue to suffer from conquerable and controllable diseases while the accumulated brilliance of modern medicine remains untapped, fragmented and overwhelming to both average patients and seasoned medical professionals.

Isprit (I-spree) translates the genius of 21st century medicine into guidance for patients and the medical community through a sleek, cloud-based platform named CarePilot®. The first of its kind, CarePilot applies expert protocols by condition to inform decision-making and illuminate best practices for any user.

  • As healthcare costs rise and accessibility diminishes, CarePilot infuses individuals with the medical intelligence to self-manage their physical well-being and that of loved ones, empowering personal control and responsibility while fostering collaboration with care providers.

  • As the business of medicine evolves to reward quality, CarePilot provides clinical intelligence for practices large and small to improve their quality of care delivery and clinical outcomes with guideline-based, goal-oriented assistance relevant to all settings with a particular focus on chronic illness.

  • As educators train the next generation of doctors and clinicians to practice at a higher level than ever before, CarePilot immerses students in real-world practice simulations that demand specialized expertise and mastery of the digital assistive tools of tomorrow’s healthcare delivery.

Translating specialized intelligence into actionable guidance for every decision at every level from the individual up to the population level, Isprit is building the tools that can help heal healthcare - one patient at a time.



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